Workshop 1 | October 6th 

Foundations – Standing Poses/Balance

In practicing yoga, we need a solid base. In this workshop, we will explore the importance of a strong, stable foundation as we build or poses from the ground up with the greatest focus on strong, flexible feet. We will work on balance and how to achieve a strong base upwards.

Workshop 2 | October 20th

Neck and Shoulders

Do you have tight shoulders, and neck pain? Learn to utilize yoga to address stiffness and imbalances associated with neck and shoulders. Shoulder stand will be the end focus of this workshop.

Workshop 3 |  November 10th

Twists and Seated Poses 

Yoga twists involve the spine, as well as several major joints, including the hips and shoulders. In fact, full range of motion in spinal rotation is essential to many yoga poses. Unfortunately, many people lose full spinal rotation during living a sedentary lifestyle. Learn how to twist properly and regain movements to help you during your day and activities and receive their physiological benefits. Why do we sit higher in seated poses, come learn why.

Workshop 4 | November 24th

Hips and Back and Inversions

Which way should your pelvis tile in back extensions? What about forward extensions. Learn how to relieve back strain and strengthen your back extensions. Head stand (supported) and shoulder stand will be the end focus of this workshop


Every workshop will run from 10am-Noon.


Please note we will be using the rope wall so space is limited to 11 people per workshop.


ONE Workshop (any one of the four)


TWO Workshops (any two of the four)


THREE Workshops (any three of the four)


ALL FOUR Workshops